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whiteflower       Images by Peru plant biologist Elsa Rengifo show the revitalisation of a healing resin called ‘copaiba’ (from Copaifera officinalis) that all forest people have traditionally carry with them for rapid healing of cuts.

 It is an excellent first aid remedy about which a lot of lab research has been done. Local health workers (who assist staff in health posts) are invited to workshops in which they learn about best conditions for planting the trees and collecting the sap, and also about applications. This is also part of the reforestation programme around local communities and some communities are producing copaiba for the local markets. 

Additional images show the cultivation of the plant Francoise has been working on (Boton de Oro) for preparation of tincture used as a local anaesthetic for dental care.

People and Plants Conference 2014


Plants and People: material and immaterial resources in trans-regional flows.


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